The Shadow of Kraidoz

Playing Catch-up
For those of you tuning in...

The starting party, Kakarott, Lecmar, Nathan Hale, and Stark have escaped their prior captors, a large camp of goblins, and travelled to the nearby kingdom of Helmsgrace. They learn that a war was started almost half a century ago, and in their absence, has concluded with both sides deeming it not worth fighting anymore. Most sources of funding has been pulled from the military, causing a massive rise of unemployment of enlisted soldiers.
A vast amount of ex-soldiers have banded together to bring justice upon those in power for having cast them out. They call themselves the Skull Brigade.

Our heroes are in a training facility held in the local church when a group, supposedly from the Skull Brigade, begin to kill and pillage the town. They gather the surrounding squires and face-off against the Skull Brigade, along with Officer Volgar Ildubash.

The characters have dealt with the Skull Brigade, questioned one (subsequently killing him), and reporting to Volgar. A small group from the Brigade returned to find out what happened, only to find that everyone had perished. All the while, the church bell rings to alert the nearby post to send guards out for help.

The battle ends with the party’s victory and subsequent meeting with Volgar’s higher-up, Captain Millin. After a brief meeting they are sent off to the small settlement of Squirsville to take care of a bandit problem. They reach the encampment under the guise as traveling merchants, but are found out a short while later.

The next day, they find a cave that houses the local bandits and begin to clear out the place. In the final room, they are faced with a single bandit who runs into a room, only to be thrown out, allowing the boss of the band, to escape. Instead of killing this man, they question him and find that his name is Derrik, the tracker of the group. They return to Squirsville and reunite with Volgar.

After reporting their findings to Volgar, they sumrise that they need to find this bandit leader. Volgar brands this a mission and are allowed to continue, promising a reward to them if the job is complete.

The next day begins with them finding a guide, who turns out to be Esgaroth and make their way to the bandit camp. Upon reaching the camp, they take out the two guards and head in. Nathan unsuccessfully poses as another bandit and is trapped. After a slight battle, a cloaked figure exits out the front of a cabin and makes the entire camp implode, killing all the bandits.

The figure introduces himself as Bouk, a powerful magician in search of a book inside the caves behind the camp. The party is then paid in advance and is left wondering what purpose the book held.

Entering the cave, they find that it is guarded by Goblins and Hobgoblins, dispatching them with precision. They then enter a cavern with a bridge leading to a platform. They are stopped for a moment by two Orcs called Eed and Mud. The orcs ask whether anyone in the party is a dragon or not before letting them cross the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, they reach the platform, heavily guarded by similar, very placid orcs. They are in company with a man who seems terribly daft. He questions whether anyone in the party is a dragon, then tests them by stabbing them with an intricate sword. Upon seeing the Esgaroth, he is pushed into a fit of rage, explaining that he has made it very apparent that he hates elves.

The party then finds themselves surrounded by orcs who are ready to fight at their master’s call.

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